Technical and Historic Backgrounds
On these pages, we intend to give a short summary about the locomotives our foundation was created for.

  • A worldwide historic overview traces back the ancestry of the M61 class to the Australian cab units of Clyde Engineering and to the F-Units, built in the USA by EMD. Beyond Clyde and NOHAB, also other licensees (AFB, BruNivel, Henschel) are mentioned which produced locomotives of similar design.

  • A brief history of the M61 class tells why a Swedish locomotive was chosen as mainline power in a country of the Eastern block; how it earned esteem in its service years and how the demise of the class was brought about.

  • A technical description shows what can be found inside an M61 and what sets it apart from most other motive power in Hungary.

  • A brief history of the NOHAB Works gives historic details about the manufacturer of the M61 locomotives.

  • A picture gallery presents EMD cab locomotives working all over the world.

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