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M61-002 was set aside after a shunt contactor failure in the summer of 1998. Here, 002 shares the deadline at Tapolca six months later, in late December 1998. At this point, the machine could have still been easily restored to operating condition, yet in the end, it did no more come to that.

Little more than a month was left for M61-004 when this picture was taken in Székesfehérvár. The locomotive, intended to be kept by its home depot Tapolca as a museum locomotive, suffered irreparable damages in a derailing in June 1999. Now, only one nose of the locomotive is preserved in Budapest, at the Museum of Transportation.

July 1995 – M61-006, just overhauled, passes Budafok-háros, heading for Kelenföld and Budapest-Déli.

The end of the M61 era was near when this picture was taken in mid-September 2000. M61-006 leaves Tapolca, with the “Y-buildings” and the remnants of Haláp hill in the background.

M61-010 enters Tapolca station with a two-coach train from Balatonfüred in early 1999.

M61-019 near Becehegy, with the beautiful hills on the north shore of Lake Balaton. Late December 1999.

M61-019 approaches the overpass at Füle in early 1999.

M61-019 approaches Balatonkenese with train 9705 in late December 1999.

A rare sight in 1999: an M61 at Budapest-Kelenföld. After the accident of M61-004 in June 1999, M61-020 was appointed to be repainted in the old red and white livery. This picture was taken when M61-020 was bound for the Északi (North) repair shops in Budapest in July 1999.


NEG V170 1151 and 1131 in Holzkirchen, early December 1999. Facing teething problems with their new diesel trainsets, the Bayerische Oberlandbahn planned to overcome the motive power shortage with former Danish MY's hired from NEG. However, the DB coaches lacking suitable remote control wiring, only a few test runs were carried out with the machines, then they were stabled at Holzkirchen until they were returned to NEG.


SNCB 5401 worked the possibly last “NOHAB” hauled regular passenger from Namur to Bertrix on Friday 13 December 2002. Train P8682 had been a regular “NOHAB” hauled train on weekdays in this relation. It is not yet confirmed if the AFB-built NOHAB clones have finished on this service, being replaced by SNCB Class 41 dmu's.


GAR operated CFL 1604 hauled a special train on Saturday 14 December 2002 from Luxembourg to Mulhouse where participants had a chance to visit the French national railway museum as well. The train is seen here being looped for a passing freight train between Metz and Strasbourg.


Dovrebanen, late September 2000 – NSB Di3.619, bound for Dombås, between Kongsvoll and Hjerkinn

NSB Di3.628 and Di3.619 in Steinkjer, late September 2000.

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