Our first excursion train—September 4, 2010
The efforts of almost ten years are finally yielding their fruits. Now, we are proud to announce that we will soon reach our next important milestone, and run our first excursion train during a special open day on September 4, 2010.

Exploring the vicinity of Budapest, the train will run on the Budapest-Keleti pu.—Veresegyház—Vácrátót—Galgamácsa—Vácrátót—Galgamácsa—Aszód—Gödöllő—Budapest-Keleti pu. route, passing the segment between Vácrátót and Galgamácsa to favor those who wish to take pictures and videos.

According to data received on September 1, the timetable is planned as follows:

Station   Arrival   Departure   Transit

Budapest-Keleti       10:08       
Kőbánya felső           10:16   
Kőbánya kiágazás           10:20   
Rákos elágazás           10:22   
Rákosszentmihály           10:27   
Angyalföld elágazás           10:33   
Rákosrendező elágazás           10:35   
Rákospalota-Újpest   10:41   10:45       
Rákospalota A1 ipvk.           10:49   
Fót           10:56   
Csomád           11:03   
Veresegyház           11:10   
Őrbottyán           11:16   
Vácrátót   11:28   11:48       
Galgamácsa   12:30   12:50       
Vácrátót   13:30   13:50       
Galgamácsa           14:20   
Aszód   14:35   15:18       
Gödöllő           15:33   
Állami Gépgyár ipvk.           15:38   
Isaszeg           15:40   
Pécel           15:49   
Rákos           16:02   
Kőbánya felső           16:06   
Budapest-Keleti   16:12           

The special run implies costs we cannot entirely cover by our own budget, therefore, full participation at the open day will require a fee of EUR 9.00. Since it may take considerable time to transfer the participation fee from abroad, we will apply a special policy for foreign visitors, and allow them to pay directly before the trip. However, it is still mandatory to make reservations in advance by specifying the following:

  • Number of expected visitors,
  • Phone number and e-mail address of the visitors (or their representative in case of multiple reservations).
Once the reservation is processed, we will send the required number of reservation codes via e-mail. We kindly ask you to have these codes ready before payment prior to the trip, as otherwise, proper identification of the participants cannot be guaranteed.

We would like to emphasize that our e-mail address (info@nohab-gm.com) is the primary communication channel for reservations. Our phone number (+36302802268) should only be used if you find no possibility to contact us via e-mail. Since our members perform their activities in their spare time, we cannot guarantee to be available on a 24/7 basis. Also, as we are now working at the limits of our capacities, occasional delays in answering your inquiries may occur. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding in the case of delays.

Looking forward to your visit,
NOHAB-GM Foundation

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